WCW Woman Crush Wednesday: Alison Rey

Today’s XCritic Woman Crush Wednesday comes as a suggestion from our editor, cyber5, and is none other than the sexy “girl next door” Alison Rey, pictured on the left above. Now, usually, our WCWs are followed by a list of titles that we think are standouts in the lady’s repertoire but cyber didn’t want to narrow your focus to a handful of titles. He wants to showcase just how many films she has appeared in, not counting her own clips which would bring the total to more than 350. So, he wants you to choose your own adventure over at Adult Empire which has over 180 titles she has appeared in. So go forth lovers of pretty girls and choose your own adventure!

Chaturbate - 724x90-2 - Never Pay to Play
Adult Time - 950x250 - Chromecast Fire TV

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