Webcam Model Crystal Rivers Dirty Talks in Sign Language to her Deaf Fans

Crystal Rivers is no ordinary camgirl. She caters to a unique group of viewers, ones who are deaf and hard of hearing. Just like any good camgirl, she makes her viewers cum without ever having to worry about using her mouth.

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Crystal Rivers is a camgirl from Florida. She’s carved out a niche and made a name for herself, almost accidentally when a deaf viewer tuned in to one of her cam shows. The webcam model, who is fluent in American Sigh Language (ASL).

The former Disney World worker admits that she believes that she’s “…the only webcam model that I know of who also knows ASL. I’m opening up a whole new world for people. ‘I want all my fans to be able to properly communicate with me, not just have to sit and type.”

Crystal Rivers grew interested in becoming a webcam model while working at Disney World; a friend spoke to her about it and it captured her interest. Being 20 years old at the time, Crystal immediately dove right into researching what it takes to be a camgirl, and shortly after purchased a new lap to and began broadcasting. She admits: “I just went for it,’ she said. ‘I was very nervous for my first cam session. I literally just sat online for about eight hours, chilling on my couch, watching movies and chatting.” She continued: I had no idea what to expect, but people began to log in, to watch and talk to me.”

As far as pay, she easily does up to $10,000 each month and averages $3000 – $6000. Bye bye working at Disney World. Which isn’t bad at all and her popularity is steadily rising. To her haters she simply says: “Whenever people are unsupportive though, I try to ignore it. In this digital, social media age, I wish people would learn a little more and understand that people like me aren’t evil – we’re helping.”

She’s adamant about being able to cater to her viewers the best she can, and says “I want all my fans to be able to properly communicate with me, not just have to sit and type.” She further admits, “I do all sorts on camera. Sometimes I’ll sit and chat about my life, sometimes I’ll live stream myself playing games and sometimes I’ll do more adult stuff, like dance and flash my boobs.”

Crystal Rivers

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