Why Sharesome is Kicking Ass Right Now!

In the wake of Tumblr’s recent purging of all things NSFW, a little known site, Sharesome.com, is making gains, taking over from where Tumblr left off. Tumblr was the perfect platform for 18+ content creators because if it’s extremely customizable platform, ease of use, and its once lenient rules when it came to NSFW content. To be honest, you could find almost any kind of porn vid there.

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With Yahoo acquiring Tumblr a few years ago, they’ve since been working to censor any kind of adult content. It first started by simply hiding all nude content from public viewing, then pixelating and hiding nude images, and then, back in January of 2019, completely shut down and removed any and all kinds of adult content.

This move caused a lot of amateur porn and adult content creators to really feel the pinch, as there has since been a huge backlash. But worry no more, and there’s nothing to fear, Sharesome is here.

Sharesome boasts being the social media platform for adult content. The social connecting site is less than 5 years old and since the “death of Tumblr”, sharesome has been fast acquiring users as the word gets out. They even prepared a special Tumblr import blog method for those who took swift action to survive the Tumblr purge. Sharesome essentially allows you to port your Tumblr blog directly over to it’s platform, so you will in an essence save your Tumblr content, now viewable on Sharesome.

Sharesome’s takes design queues from the big social media platforms. It looks like a mixture of Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, and it’d be really interesting to see how much customization capabilities they will end up giving their users. Some pages look pretty damn cool. You can also find some of your favorite cam girls and amateur models on the platform already. It allows you to post lengthy messages, images, and videos. What more could you want?

You want freedom to run wild and free Sharesome allows you to do that. They say it right on their About page for you to see. It says, “Sharesome is an adult social platform that helps you connect with your favourite content creators. Better yet, think of us as a community where your kinks are finally free to run wild. Here at Sharesome we try to create an environment where you are welcomed no matter what your fantasies are. It is free and will forever remain free.”

Sharesome has a huge potential of becoming the most significant social platform in the amateur adult content space, and we’re watching and moving as it goes along.

If you haven’t checked out Sharesome.com please do.

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