Will Sex Dolls Replace Real Lovers?

Sex dolls do it better than real lovers!

A bold statement that some are saying this in more ways than one. But is this true? Are sex dolls a better pleasure than real girls? Let’s explore a few things about the rising popularity of these silicone babes.

Let’s be real, Sex dolls are used basically as glorified fuck buddies that don’t talk back, resist, or have any limits; well, aside from certain usage limitations because of the materials it’s made out of, but other than that, it’s used for fucking. It’s almost like the real shit with real-ish looking parts, skin tones, and movements.

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The modern sex doll, also known as love dolls have come a long way from it’s predecessors, with the main materials being used to manufacture the dolls are TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) for lower end dolls, and silicone, typically medical silicone for higher end dolls.

Though TPE feels quite soft and manageable, medical silicone has a more lifelike feel and will last longer, but requires more care for lasting results.

Modern technology has even brought in the advent of AI (artificial intelligence) robotic sex dolls. Ex Machina or Bladerunner anyone? This is kind of scary, threatening, and exciting all at the same time. Scary and threatening because it challenges how we engage with human (like) forms because they lack everything that it means to be human, so we can easily live out our wildest, unhindered fantasies. It also causes controversy as many believe they cross legal and ethical boundaries. There’s a very fine line being walked in totay’s society with the rise of sex dolls. Let’s not forget that some dolls have already been ceased by customs because they portray underage girls. And I say exciting, because it is a move towards augmented human relationships, which can assist in making our sex lives more interesting and fun.

Check out this YouTube video titled, My conversation with an AI sexbot, produced by CNET. The video is of a short conversation with the robotic sex doll called Harmony, currently still in development back in 2017.

Who Uses Sex Dolls

Most users of sex dolls are males. These men choose to use the dolls for a number of reasons. There’s been a rise in the popularity of the use these silicone wives over the past decade and some even wonder if the use of sex dolls will now compete against real women.

Some women use sex dolls too. If you watch enough webcam shows, you’ll see many female performers use some form of sex doll. Typically female performers are seen using male sex dolls, least common are full bodied dolls, but more commonly torso sized sex dolls, which are easier to maneuver during live shows.

Sex Dolls in Pop Culture

The use of sex dolls over the years have multiple layers. One of the most common types are the blowup dolls, which are often awkwardly shaped and troublesome to use. However, you’ll find these blowup sex dolls in pop comedy movies such Old School starring Will Ferrell. Blowup dolls are also extremely popular at college parties, stag parties, and bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Former US presidnetial candidate Sarah Palin even had a look-a-like blow up doll marketed as “This is Not Sarah Palin”, of course in an efforts to not get sued by the politician. The doll was modeled by adult actress Lisa Ann. And you can guess how that could have gone.

YouTube is now filled with sex doll videos where you can find some really interesting videos on what’s developing in that world.

In a critically acclaimed movie starring Ryan Gosling has him perform along side a silicone sex doll in the movie, “Lars and the Real Girl” released back in 2007. IMDB has this synopsis of the film: “In this comedy, Lars Lindstrom is an awkwardly shy young man in a small northern town who finally brings home the girl of his dreams to his brother and sister-in-law’s home. The only problem is that she’s not real – she’s a sex doll Lars ordered off the Internet. But sex is not what Lars has in mind, but rather a deep, meaningful relationship. His sister-in-law is worried for him, his brother thinks he’s nuts, but eventually the entire town goes along with his delusion in support of this sweet natured boy that they’ve always loved.”

Here’s the trailer of the movie.

There are some that use these love dolls as a means to cope with certain deficiencies or as a means to an end. This leads me to this next point below. The unconventional use of these life-like dolls.

Unconventional uses of sex dolls

In meeting with a seller of sex dolls, I discovered some unconventional uses. He shared many stories of how and why people get these dolls. One story was of a man who was disabled and had a hard time meeting women; and for him, getting a sex doll was a quick solution, though he still would love a relationship with a real woman. Another story, which I find hilarious is of an older gentleman who wanted a travel buddy so that he could drive in the High Occupancy Vehicle lane on the freeway without fear of getting a traffic ticket.

I came across a mini documentary on sex dolls some time ago, and the gentleman that was being interviewed about his use of sex dolls was quite startling to me. Part of the reason it was startling was that he actually had a girlfriend who knew about him using sex dolls. He uses the dolls for companionship when his girlfriend is away, and she seemed quite fine with it. And when ready, the both enjoy fuck sessions with the dolly.

Sex Dolls Cloning Real Porn Stars

Of course the inevitable happened. Imagine the perfect replica sex doll of your favorite porn star. No need no imagine…it’s here.

Real Dolls is a seller and maker of high quality sex dolls. They have a unique collection of realistic, life-like dolls unlike no other we’ve come across online. In partnership with Wicked Pictures, they’ve created look-a-like models of sex dolls from porn stars like Asa Akira, Lupe Fuentes, Stormy Daniels, Kaylani Lei, Jessica Drake, and a few others. The similarities are fucking insane. Here’s a comparison of Kaylani Lei, the sex doll vs the real person. Can you tell the difference?

The history of sex dolls: Where did they originate?

According to a Wikipedia post, sex dolls have been around for a few centuries. The post indicates that some of the first sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the seventeenth century, and was used as masturbatory aids, especially during long voyages. However, an article posted to ravishly.com states that sex dolls are even older than seventeenth century accounts, an excerpt from that article reads “It wasn’t until the 1400’s that physical sex dolls surfaced however. Called a “dame de voyage” in French, these dolls were made out of cloth to, errrrr, accompany the sailors on their snatcheroo-less journey at sea. Awesomely, the same doll is called “Seemannsbraut” in German.”

The same article from ravishly.com went even further back stating that the first recorded account of a sex doll was in a story, Ovid’s Metamorphoses,  waaay back in 8 AD. As the story goes, Pygmalion, a skilled scultor, hated and shunned all women. While deeply engrossed in his work he fell in love with one of his statues name Galatea. Pygmalion showered Galatea with gifts, kissed her and caressed her. Deep in his lust and desire, he pleaded with the goddess Aphrodite to turn Galatea into a real woman, and of course, Aphrodite granted his wishes.

Are sex dolls safe?

In short, yes they are totally safe. However, you must ensure that you are buying form a viable source, as the materials used for the skin may have certain chemical traces that is not friendly to your actual skin, kind of like how some people are allergic to latex. So please do your research before purchasing.

Should you be worried you will be replaced with a sex doll?

LOL, this actually makes me laugh, to think that we’re even at this point. At this stage in our modern history, you do not have to worry about being replaced. If you literally get ditched by someone for a sex doll as your replacement, then that either means that you’re a terrible lover, or that the person who replaced you lost serious touch with reality…and I’ll tend to go with the latter. There’s nothing that could ever replace the fucking sensational magic of having sex with a real person, where all the movements, breaths, and interactions are spontaneous. Yes a sex doll can definitely stimulate you sexually, but of course it’s missing the real moving parts and soul that a real person possesses.

I do believe that as technology advances, you’ll get the type of shit you see in the movies, and you’ll get animate dolls that will Ghost in the Shell your ass. So lifelike in every way that you’ll lose sense of what’s real and what’s not. But till then, you have nothing to worry about. But then again, by the time robot sex is a thing to be scared of, robots will probably be running the world.

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