Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer is Perfect time to Ride the Tentpole Train!

Wonder Woman 1984 trailer has officially been released, and it’s getting a lot of fans talking about the the potential this movie has to even outpace it’s predecessor.

Ok! Great. So what the fuck does this have to do with cam models or the adult industry? Simple. It’s an opportunity to create massive tent-pole value for our brand. This could be a series of cosplay of the famed female super hero. Now it may seem a little early to do this but if you are one of the first to jump on doing a review or a themed series of cam shows or parody videos, kinksters etc., by the time the film is officially released you will be ranked very well, and as a result, will potentially profit quite beautifully from it. Axel Braun’s productions thrives off parodies, of most recent, super hero parodies.

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We spoke about tent-poling in one of our early posts on this site, and the same is true here for this post. Every now and again here are films that cause a massive stir in the pop culture, for example, the release of Frozen 2 inspired a slew of cam girl cosplay.


You can’t get much more gorgeous than Wonder Woman actress herself, Gal Gadot. But you can evoke certain emotions though your cosplay of the character. This is also great for the fans because psychologically, you are connecting images of popular [female] characters to yourself, and this allows them to, in a way, fantasize about the character, and in many cases, even paying more because of it. Watch the trends and test it to see how well it works for you. You can get uber creative with this, so don’t take it for granted.

Our digital issue 5 will be the Cam Girl Cosplayer issue, where we will be featuring several cam models who uses cosplay as part of their performance and brand. More on this to come, but for now, if you want to know more about the tent-poling concept, have a look at it here, and see how you can use it to amplify your bottom line.

Here are some creative Wonder Woman cosplay from around the web.

Shadia Elise – Wonder Woman, Body Paint Cosplay


Bridgette Goudz – Wonder Woman cosplay


Alyson Tabbitha – Wonder Woman cosplay
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