xHamster Creates “Woman of Your Dreams” Using Data from 50,000 Users

xHamster claims they’ve created the woman of our dreams. The mega porn clips website gathered data from 50,000 users to create what they believe is the ideal woman.

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To make the official announcement, xHamster made a post to their website titled “Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!” Yes, she has a name. Her name is Shy Yume, a Eurasian bisexual creation. xHamster wrote: “Last month, we surveyed over 50,000 xHamster users and asked them to describe their perfect woman. We asked them about height, hair color, and the shape of her body. ”

The website goes in to more detail stating: “Shy is a 25-year-old, 5’5 feet tall woman with long, dark hair and deep blue eyes. And she’s bisexual. She’s also our new ambassador, and so we hope that you, our Pygmalions, will welcome your very own Galatea. ”

They gathered data from an array of categories including height, ethnicity, hair color, sexual orientation, hair length, eye color, waist, etc. All this they used to create the your dream woman.

Shy has been given an Instagram page [https://www.instagram.com/shy.yume/]and the followers are steadily growing. Some early followers of this account have shared their thoughts on xHamsters perfect woman. Here are some.

So what do you think. Is she how your ideal woman would be? What would you change if anything? And do you think enough though was placed ethnic diversity and body type? This was a very interesting study by xHamster. You can see the full report here.
Here are some graphs showing some of the data xHamster used to create Shy Yume.
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