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Meet xMochaPuffx, an independent adult film producer, webcam model & full service companion.

Hello xMochaPuffx! We’re glad you were able to take the time to speak with us. Let’s jump right into things.

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Tell us a little about yourself growing up; and What were your favorite TV shows, hobbies?
I was quite the little artist growing up, actually. I went through a phase where I was pretty set on working for Pixar. If I had to pick a favorite TV show from my childhood it’d definitely have to be That’s So Raven. Shot right in my backyard of San Francisco, it was such a wholesome, healthy representation of a beautiful, hilarious Black American family.

At what age was your first crush?
Oh gosh, really resting my memory with these nostalgic questions! I can’t remember the exact age but I definitely recall having a huge crush on Peter Pan, like the cartoon from the book I had. Second major crush? Definitely the twins on the Sweet Life of Zac & Cody.

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I wanted a way for customers to get off to me when I wasn’t online


Wow, so when was your first kiss?
Highschool, sophomore year I believe? Nothing short of awkward as many first kisses are, LOL. My friend & I went to this… it was basically a club for highschool-age folks. I recall being up on this boy, we were “freaking” as we used to call it back then, he turned me around and the rest is history.

Looking back at your childhood, what’s one thing you would tell you adolescent self?
Don’t give up so easily. You are more talented than you realize.

Through high school, what were you best known for? 
Wearing ties. It was my attempt at making the school dress code (which limited tops to polo shirts) unique to me & I definitely thought I was hot shit for it at the time!

Still, in high school, what did you want to pursue as a career at that time?
I was working through the possibility of a creative career, possibly related to digital art, television, modeling or acting.

How were the boys with you in high school; we’re they at your mercy, or did they keep their distance?
LOL I was a stereotypical “weirdo” in high school. I reckon to say I got much more attention from girls.

What about college, what was that experience like for you and share one stand out moment you remember clearly?
College was definitely a time of serious development. Due to a couple toxic relationships coming out of high school, I developed depression & anxiety which made it difficult to fully enjoy the college experience for what it was. I definitely felt that it went by a little too quickly, and perhaps that’s indicative that I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was.

I can’t say I had many stand out moments. One day during our spring break does come to mind, though…So, I’m a homebody. When I went to college, I really didn’t do much socializing on campus. But I had just gotten out of a relationship, it was the beginning of spring break and that day I decided to text a boy. We only chatted maybe once or twice before but never hung out.

Long story short, we linked up, he took me to the most epic day-party I’ve ever been to, and by the end of the night we were officially dating.

The reason this day stands out is because it was one of the first times I genuinely felt part of my campus community. This boy was a social butterfly & introduced me to all his friends, some of which later became close to me as well. It was also the beginning of a wonderful relationship with a guy who I went on to make tons more epic memories with. That day kinda commemorated real “start” to my college life, even though I was already  halfway done. I started having more reasons to leave
my room other than attending classes.

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My customers love the creativity and effort that goes into making clips where I play multiple roles


What led or inspired you to creating content online?
Producing my own indie porn started with web-camming. I wanted a way for customers to get off to mewhen I wasn’t online. I was also inspired by other cammers who were making content as a means of bringing in more income.

I assume you enjoy creating content for your online audience; what is your favorite thing about it…creating the kind of content you do?
I honestly enjoy the technical side of filming content. The set design, the framing, the angles, the lighting, the editing choices… all of that. I try to pay attention to small details & am pretty picky about what content actually gets released to the public.

What else do you want to pursue in life, for fun or as a career? 
I’m definitely looking to pursue more film and modeling work, both within the adult industry and for mainstream markets as well.

Of all the things you’ve done in your life, what are you most excited about, or most proud of?
Choosing sex work

As you share your content, what’s the most common feedback you get from your audience?
My clips where I play 2-3 characters gain a lot of popularity. My customers love the creativity and effort that goes into making clips where I play multiple roles.

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