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Meet Mocha Puff, an independent adult film producer, webcam model & full service companion.

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  • Name: xMochaPuffx
  • Location: California, USA
  • Height: 5ft 8in
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Tattoos (how many and where): 3. Spine, Right thigh, Left hip
  • Piercings (how many and where): 3. Brow, Nipples, and Ears at a 00 gauge

Fun Facts

Your turn-ons: Kissing/kisses, soft touching, whispers into the ear, soft licks, eye contact, moaning, dominance, cream-pies

Your turn-offs: Spit, bad hygiene

Favorite food(s): Pasta, Pasta, Pasta, Pasta, & more Pasta!

Favorite body feature(s): Lips, eyes, cheeks, hands, butts, legs, backs

Wildest fantasy: I have many consensual non-consent (CNC) fantasies. Consensual non-consent (CNC) fantasies are achieved by simulating/enacting a (controlled) loss of consent. This is tied into some forms of BDSM play & roleplay. My top CNC fantasy is being kidnapped, tied up & licked softly until climax, then having my captor dump a cream-pie inside of me.

Dumbest shit you’ve ever done: Roller-skating while buzzed. Don’t do it.

Craziest place(s) you’ve ever had sex: On the beach. Naughty bits were covered but people were relatively close by to us & I think they knew what was up.

Favorite color(s): Yellow, Pink, Baby Blue, Anything Pastel, Black, Tan, Maroon

Favorite car(s): the old fashioned Volkswagen buggies, Mini Coops, Low Riders

Who do you secretly want to make out with?: Half of my twitter following list.

Web Links

Adult Time - 950x250 - Chromecast Fire TV

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