Yummy Kimmy Teases Fans with Juicy booty Pics!

YummyKimmy wickedly teases her fans on Twitter with a set of tantalizing ass pics that will cause anyone to break their neck…twice over. The tiny Korean cam girl and clips star share only what could be considered a truly mouth watering, eye popping spectacle, and her fans were all over it.

Her first latest post showed the Asian beauty posed on her with her bum facing the camera and her legs up, gazing naughtily at her viewers. Her ass cheeks looks red as if they were both recently spanked because she was being so naughty as she laid on the carpet. Her caption for the two different but similar images was “Am I shaped more like a (image of a peach) or a (image of a pear)? After taking a look at these pics here, what would you tell this hottie if she asked you that question. Here are the pics. Be warned, they are mightily tasty.

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Prior to the above booty teasing pics, YummyKimmy also teased with a slightly different set of ass to camera pics. The silky haired Asian goddess is seen grabbing her ass in one pic, with pussy up facing to the camera, while the other shows her laying down casually on the bed with her ass fully exposed, with her pussy lips sandwiched between her legs. Feast your eyes on these next two images.

What are your thoughts on these booty pics from Kimmy? Is her ass round like a peach or more shaped like a pear? You decide.

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